Why You Should Only Buy Third-Party Certified CBD Products

Every single Viobin CBD product has been tested by a third party for quality and potency so you know exactly what you're getting.

CBD products have flooded the market for the last decade because of popularity and potential benefits. Any time demand for a new supplement is high, unscrupulous companies can take advantage and sell an inferior product to make a quick dollar.

CBD is not regulated by the FDA and so it is up to the manufacturers to prove that their products are pure and legitimate. One way to do this is by having their CBD products tested by a third-party, independent lab. If a product passes the third-party testing, then the lab will issue a Certificate of Analysis, or COA.

Below we will discuss why you should only buy CBD products that have been issued a COA by a third-party lab:

What is a Certificate of Analysis?

A company like Viobin that has been a leader in oil extraction since 1936 is solely-focused on delivering the best CBD products to their customers. That is why they have every batch of CBD they produce third-party lab tested. Customers can see every COA that Viobin CBD products are awarded directly on their website.

What third-party labs test for:

  • Cannabinoid Profile
  • Terpene Profile
  • Residual Solvent Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Pesticide Testing

A COA, or certificate of analysis, is a certification that the CBD product has passed the lab’s rigorous testing for purity, accuracy, and safety. This testing is expensive and time consuming, but you cannot put a price on customer safety.

Why is third-party testing important?

Because CBD is unregulated, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to prove to its customers that their products are safe and contain the elements that they claim. A recent study found that many CBD products only actually contain a fraction of the amount of CBD listed on the packaging.

Some people use CBD as a supplement for wellbeing and it is important that they know exactly what they are consuming. This is why you should never purchase a CBD product that does not have a COA listed prominently in their CBD store.

Viobin CBD

We have been a leader in oil extraction since 1936, so we understand how to deliver a pure product to our customers. We offer both full and broad spectrum CBD products that are made from small-batch CBD. Every extraction cycle is third-party lab tested and we post each COA on our website.

Choose Viobin for the best CBD products available anywhere. Check out our CBD Store or contact us today to learn more about private label CBD products from Viobin!