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CBD Co-Packing Service

Made in the USA at our food safe facility, so you can trust that you’re receiving a compliant product made from American-grown hemp every time.

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We are America’s Top CBD Co-Packer.

The question that likely pops into the mind of every CBD entrepreneur is: where do I even begin? Fortunately, VIOBIN is here to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of building your CBD business and product line.

There are a myriad of CBD Oil Manufactures from which to choose that vary in capability, size, and quality. No matter what specific services you are seeking for your CBD business, you should ensure that your manufacturer or co-packer has the following:

  • 1. Hemp grown in the USA and sourced from a traceable farmer network
  • 2. Efficient technology housed in a food Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified facility
  • 3. Certificate of Analysis (third party COA) attached to every order that goes out the door
  • 4. Engineers that understand and design best-practice manufacturing processes
  • 5. In-house R&D and formulation experts
  • 6. Regulatory guidance and compliance recommendations
  • 7. A responsive sales team who understands the product portfolio in full
  • 8. Finished products that are consistently in-spec and reproducible as your business grows

Hemp Quality

Not all hemp is created equal. Several major CBD suppliers and manufacturers are gun-shy when it comes to disclosing the origin of their hemp. Unfortunately, this often means the product has relatively untraceable origins in countries like China, may contain synthetic cannabinoids, or is an otherwise unregulated Black-Market product. Knowing the right questions to ask your supplier can help ensure that the product you’re getting is safe, traceable, and of high quality.

100% of VIOBIN’s hemp is sourced from American farmers registered with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We develop personal relationships with our farmers and require every farmer partner to provide their hemp-growing license, ensuring that we only manufacture hemp compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Our carefully-crafted sourcing strategy means that our products can be traced back to the farm field where the hemp was grown. You and your customers can have full confidence in your product, understanding that all VIOBIN product is safe and compliant.

Turn around Times and shipping

Your pool of potential CBD manufacturers and co-packers shouldn’t be limited by proximity. The main factor in choosing a CBD partner should always be quality and capability – not distance. VIOBIN’s seasoned logistics team manages all shipments, hemp harvest data, COA’s, and other key documentation. We partner with CBD-compliant shipping partners and ensure the best freight rates for our valued customers. Ordering product from your co-packer can, and should be, straightforward and painless. With VIOBIN, the process is as easy as placing an order online or with our talented sales team and finding the product has arrived in-spec and on-time to your doorstep in just a few, short weeks.

By keeping the vast majority of our teams and processes in-house, we’re able to make the private label experience seamless for our customers. Leverage our R&D, graphic design, market research, and new product development teams to build out the CBD business of your dreams.

*For all products, customers can request to see a third-party COA prior to purchase

Customer support and flexibility

The core of VIOBIN’s business is serving our customers with care and attention. Both our sales and customer support teams are available to assist in the ordering process, to field product and/or industry-specific questions, and to advise on CBD product compliance and safety. VIOBIN believes its customer support shouldn’t just be like everyone else in the industry – it should be better.

Growing your CBD business from the ground up? Not to worry! VIOBIN’s flexible order minimums on both bulk and private label products allow smaller businesses to work with America’s top CBD manufacturer and co-packer. This guarantees your product will carry the quality associated with all VIOBIN products. Additionally, our extensive manufacturing capabilities and capacity means as your CBD business grows, we are a partner that can scale with you.

Private label CBD Products you can be proud of selling.

Picture this: retail shelves across the country lined with top-of-the-line CBD products bearing your company’s name and Instagram-worthy label. Fortunately, with VIOBIN as a partner, you can bring this vision to life quickly and easily. We’ve removed the obstacles and red tape when it comes to creating your private label CBD brand and placing orders.

With so many CBD products flooding the marketplace, VIOBIN understands the challenges and consequently the importance of making your brand and products truly “pop.” Choose from one of our many on-trend product formulations or work personally with our R&D team to create your own. Then, connect with our graphic designer to pull together a label that turns the heads of consumers. We ensure that all our labels include the correct and compliant legal language, so your product not only looks great, but provides the consumer with all necessary information.

Learn more about each of VIOBIN’s core private label offerings below:

Private Label CBD Oil

Customize your private or white label CBD tincture line to your heart’s content. Start by choosing from quality broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil or isolate. Then, pick your carrier oil, flavor, and concentration. Finally, we offer a range of bottling options on our BRC-certified production line that fills tinctures 15 mL, 30 mL, or larger.

Worried about scaling as your business grows and expands its product offerings into different markets? Our large capacity allows us to work with some of the biggest brands in the CBD industry while our comprehensive tincture capabilities and in-house formulation enables us to serve both the human and pet sectors.

Private Label CBD Skin Care

Some co-packers market their CBD products as being “good-for-you” when, in fact, the ingredient panels are longer than a CVS receipt. You can and should expect the quality of your CBD product to not only be from the hemp-derived portion of the product, but from all other components, too. VIOBIN believes in better ingredients and better products for our customers.

For Viobin CBD lotions, quality means selecting carefully sourced ingredients that promote excellent dermal absorption and skin-soothing qualities. Some of our favorites include tea tree oil, lavender extract, jojoba, and green tea extract. Our lotions are always paraben-free and come in three highly-marketable varieties: unscented, scented, and cooling. Available in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum, our lotions are completely customizable with the support of our in-house R&D team.

Private Label CBD softgels

CBD softgels are an easy way for your customers to take their CBD. Our proprietary formulations are available in both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum variants at a range of concentrations. Combined with either MCT or wheat germ Oil and encapsulated by bovine-derived gelatin, our CBD softgels are a great addition to your CBD product portfolio.

VIOBIN’s state-of-the-art softgel line can produce up to 20,000 softgels per hour and allows you to choose from a variety of softgel sizes. As for your final product, we offer sealed bottles that can hold anywhere from 30 ct. to 90 ct. CBD softgels. Wanting to add more ingredients? Speak with our R&D team to see how VIOBIN can help create the perfect CBD softgel line for your brand.

CBD Manufacturing services for all 50 States!

Looking for a CBD manufacturing partner that can serve you in your home state? Look no further than VIOBIN. With more than 85 years of experience in the food manufacturing and oil extraction space, we know a thing-or-two about what makes a for a great product and a top-notch customer experience. We ensure quality, compliance, and reliability for all products that leave our facility. Contact a VIOBIN salesperson today to learn about how you can secure free shipping on your first CBD order!