Bulk CBD Products

From farm to tincture, Viobin’s full vertical integration provides customers a step-by-step perspective of how high-quality CBD oil is produced. Thanks to Viobin’s engagement with each phase of the process, we’re able to offer the best CBD products at prices our competitors can’t match.

Low Cost CBD Products made with 100% American hemp

The best CBD oil begins on the farm with CBD-rich hemp plants carefully tended to by experienced farmers. Which is why Viobin fosters relationships with American farmers from Oregon to Kentucky and many states between to bring the best hemp plants to our processing facilities. As one of the most sustainable crops in the world, hemp uses less water and returns valuable nutrients to the soil. We partner with farmers who employ these environmentally-friendly practices and enjoy giving back to the Earth.

Want to know where your CBD oil originated? We offer full traceability back to the original farm on all raw materials. Our staff works so closely with farmers we can tell you the name of the farmer who planted the seeds and who harvested the plants. Third-party certificates of authenticity ensure the end product is as great as we say it is.

Wholesale Registration

Viobin can provide you with bulk:

Bulk CBD Oil Tinctures

Buying CBD oil in bulk reduces cost but doesn’t have to reduce quality. Viobin started processing specialty oils in 1936 and after the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 outfitted our facilities to process hemp. Decades of expertise go into every batch of CBD oil we produce, which results in premium tinctures.

Viobin’s tinctures begin with excellent CBD oil but we don’t stop there. R&D experts are dedicated to developing the best tasting natural flavors in the market. We listen to our customers and continue to deliver products worth coming back to. 

Bulk CBD Capsules

Thanks to our large-scale manufacturing capabilities we’re able to offer a variety of services and products not typically available at some of the lowest prices around.

Take for example our CBD capsules. Softgels offer an easy, on-the-go solution for CBD consumption. Keep them in a drawer at the office or throw them in your purse to discreetly enjoy the benefits of Viobin CBD. Our consumer softgels are available in both 10mg and 25mg increments blended with MCT oil for an added boost of energy.

For those buying in bulk, we offer nearly any potency with any desired ingredient, ranging from collagen to fish oil to turmeric to meet any nutritional needs of your customers. CBD capsules are just one example of our constantly expanding lineup of CBD offerings.

Hemp Extracts

Viobin’s consumer prices can’t be beat and those savings grow even more when buying CBD in bulk. Not to mention our wholesale portal makes buying and shipping incredibly simple. Shoppers can see pricing, view common uses and have their bulk CBD powder purchased and on the way in mere minutes.

To facilitate customer needs, our CBD isolate bulk products are available in increments starting as low as one kilogram. Need even more isolation? Our knowledgeable sales staff is happy to provide pricing for extra-large orders.

Because we oversee every step of the process, we offer more than just isolate. Viobin is a major provider of bulk CBD distillate and winterized crude as well. These products are less refined and offer more flexibility for manufacturers looking to manufacture specific CBD products. Depending on your needs we can provide CBD from any step of the extraction process.