REX Fortified Wheat Germ Oil


  • Animal nutrition supplement fortified with vitamins A and D often used for breeding stock and show animals
  • Highest natural source of vitamin E and rich in linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid) often referred to as the “skin and coat vitamin”
  • Promotes a glossy, lustrous coast and reduces shedding and dandruff
  • Benefits include nutrition, lustrous coat and skin, performance/recovery time, and breeding
  • Made with non-GMO North American wheat germ


An animal nutrition supplement fortified with Vitamins A and D, often used for breeding stock and show animals. REX oil is rich in naturally occurring Vitamin E, Octacosanol, and other essential nutrients. Among these are Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid often referred to as the “skin and coat vitamin.”

REX wheat germ oil has long been used to enhance reproductive health. Although we do not claim that REX will increase fertility, veterinarians recommend it as a nutritional supplement during breeding season, pregnancy, parturition, and lactation.

REX Pure Wheat Germ Oil is a premium nutritional supplement used by breeders, show persons, and pet owners for over 80 years! REX Oil is an unrefined, plant-based oil rich in linoleic acid, essential for the health of skin, coat, and plumage — and animals love the wholesome flavor!


Unrefined Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin A Palmitate, Cholecalciferol (Source of Vitamin D3)

Suggested Use

Add directly to feed.

• Horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs: 1 fl oz daily for each 400 lb of bodyweight
• Dogs under 50 lb: 1/2 tsp daily
• Dogs 50 to 100 lb: 1 tsp daily
• Dogs 100+ lb: 2 tsp daily
• Cats, ferrets, other small animals: ½ tsp daily
• Birds: 1 drop mixed in food daily. 2 drops mixed in food daily during molt

1 teaspoon = 0.17 fl oz (4.6 grams)

Consult your veterinarian before giving to pregnant, lactating, or young animals, or if exceeding the suggested amount.


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