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Personal Care CBD

Viobin offers a variety of CBD products for personal care. Our fast absorbing, soothing CBD lotions come in both full spectrum and broad spectrum hemp extract options. Our non scented, tea tree oil, and cooling lotions are a great pick for your daily skin care routine. The CBD-infused soap is handcrafted and smells great. All personal care CBD products are tested for CBD potency by a third party lab, with test results you can see for yourself on the product page.

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Bad experience with edibles in high school? Looking to try CBD but don’t want the commitment of putting it inside your body? CBD-infused topicals may be just right for you! Topicals encapsulate everything from lotions to gels to salves and can range from unscented to tea tree-infused for additional benefits. To learn more about CBD lotions and Viobin’s top-of-the-line CBD products continue on!

CBD Topicals for Pain and Wellbeing

The use of lotions and creams to soothe the body’s aches and pains is a time-honored tradition. From the most basic understood benefits of rehydrating the skin and replenishing dry spots — lotions and other topicals provide the creature comforts of making the applicant smell good and helping them relax. Lotions don’t just make the skin glow, they help the soul glow as well.

Viobin’s CBD topicals line extends the enjoyable experience of applying lotion with high-quality CBD produced from hemp plants grown right here in the United States of America. We are proud to work directly with farmers and oversee every step of the CBD creation process from field to lotion.

So when its time to soothe the skin and hydrate your outer layers, consider upgrading your regimen to include either full- or broad-spectrum CBD. There might be some hidden benefits in that daily lotion application you hadn’t considered.

The different types of topicals

A variety of terms get used in the topical space, all with very real — but subtle — differences between each. We break down a few of the major categories here.


Salves are typically going to be a thicker substance made most often with oils and waxes. The lack of any liquids keeps them thick and more easily applied to specific areas, but more importantly, they are used to keep the salve shelf-stable. Salves may contain any number or combination of oils including coconut and sunflower. Beeswax is the most common wax used in a salve but any wax would work. What makes salves special is its ability to hold a small amount of tincture. This is where many companies add their CBD in addition to other tinctures for additional potential benefits.


Gel is an incredibly broad term you’ve likely heard used in relation to hair gel all the way to gel capsules. From a physical standpoint, gels are typically soft and gooey but that is not a hard rule.

When it comes to CBD, gels allow a variety of additional products to be mixed into the topical. You’ll often find CBD gels that include arnica or menthol. As with most topicals and different medium, it comes down to what feels best on your skin.


Viobin’s favorite and most versatile is lotion! Lotion combines the best of both the gel and salve world. With a certain level of liquidity to allow the lotion to be spread across the body, while still being firm enough to apply to specific parts of the body. There is a reason Viobin decided to launch its topical line with lotions!

As mentioned for other topicals, lotions allow the incorporation of additional materials for added hypothetical benefits. Adding tea tree oil not only makes the lotion (and in turn, you!) smell good it also has a nice tingling effect. Combined with Viobin’s CBD oil it is an unbeatable combination.

Best CBD cream for back pain

Now that you’ve learned the difference between the different topicals available in the CBD marketplace you’re likely wanting to narrow in on your specific ailments. We feel your pain there.

CBD is still so new to the market there are a lot of companies out there making false claims. Viobin will never claim something it can’t back up. What we do know is our CBD offers some of the best value CBD cream at the highest quality available. We ship every product to a third-party laboratory which tests the CBD for strength. Each one of those reports is available on our website and we’re proud to share it with our customers.

So when you’re seeking the best CBD cream for pain, make sure you’re getting the highest quality CBD. Viobin will happily provide the evidence we belong in that conversation.

How to make CBD Cream

Having learned about all the differences between topicals and seeing what goes in each, you may be thinking to yourself, “Hey, I could make that at home.” And you absolutely can!

Now, keep in mind, Viobin does employ a full-time research and development staff that works on formulating products specially made to incorporate CBD oil while providing all the benefits of topicals you’ve come to expect. Take for example the ostrich oil in each of our lotions. Ostrich oil is said to provide a variety of benefits and is not often found in lotions, let alone CBD lotions.

This is just another example of the time and care Viobin puts into its products. We love the homemade enthusiasm but with our prices, we say why not try our lotions first. And when you’re ready to make your own CBD cream at home come on back and view our raw materials. We have some of the best prices on CBD isolate around.

Full or Broad Spectrum

Zooming all the way out to the very basics: spectrum refers to the THC content. Federal law states CBD with up to 0.3% THC is perfectly fine and legal (note: CBD is far different from marijuana and has no psychoactive effects). Full Spectrum refers to CBD with a small bit of THC, which some say results in the entourage effect. Broad Spectrum has absolutely all of the THC removed so it is completely non-detectable.

So which one is right for you? We can’t say! You’ve got to decide for yourself. Thankfully we’ve come out with a few bundles that are priced right (20% of their regular prices) that will let you get started with full or broad spectrum and include a variety of products so you can try some of Viobin’s CBD lotion as well as our tinctures and softgels. We think you’ll love them as much as we do.