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CBD Isolate has quickly become one of the most popular CBD products on the market. Thanks to its versatility, it’s no great surprise that consumers and businesses alike are turning to isolate for their formulation and product needs. Viobin CBD offers top-of-the-line 99% Pure CBD Isolate accompanied with a third-party COA at a fair price.

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America’s highest-quality hemp 

Viobin is proud to manufacture high-quality hemp and CBD products and works directly with hemp farmers across the United States to source the best hemp available. Safety is our top priority here at Viobin. That means all of the hemp biomass Viobin processes is grown in the United States of America and our products are never imported from overseas. Prior to the hemp being processed at our Michigan City, Indiana facility, it undergoes stringent third-party testing to ensure the hemp biomass meets the Farm Bill 2018 requirements of less than 0.3% THC.  We also test all incoming hemp biomass for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials and mycotoxins. Then, our finished CBD products undergo another round of third-party testing to verify the cannabinoid profile, residual solvents and quality. Our 99% Pure CBD Isolate is no exception to our thorough safety protocols, and you can trust that the products you purchase from Viobin are always top-of-the-line. 

What is CBD Isolate? 

At first glance, CBD Isolate seems rather unassuming. It begins as a crystalline solid that is then ground into an odorless, tasteless white powder at our Viobin facility for ease of use. Despite its humble appearance, Isolate is an incredibly versatile CBD product, and its lack of taste and smell are significant contributors to just that. You’ll see everything from CBD tinctures to CBD bath bombs to CBD topicals formulated with Isolate. 

Unlike full-spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate contains virtually no THC, making it more similar to broad-spectrum varieties. It’s a great option for those who want to ensure they are taking a product that is THC non-detect.

What is 99% Pure CBD Isolate?

99% Pure CBD Isolate refers to the Isolate containing 99% pure CBD. Viobin’s CBD Isolate does not include any other terpenes or phytocannabinoids making it this “pure” product. As mentioned above, this form of CBD is both flavorless and odorless, differentiating it from full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD varieties. 

Does CBD Isolate contain THC? 

Like broad-spectrum CBD, Isolate does not contain any THC. Viobin’s CBD Isolate is designed for the CBD aficionado who wants to enjoy all that CBD has to offer in its most pure form. However, Isolate’s purity does mean that users shouldn’t expect the entourage effect that is a central feature of our full-spectrum product line. In other words, because it only contains CBD as opposed to CBD plus terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and flavonoids, the effects felt by the user will likely vary from those felt when these additional components are present in the product. 

How to use CBD Isolate

There are seemingly endless potential uses and applications for CBD Isolate. Thanks to its versatility, it is often revered by formulators as it can be easily used across the entirety of a product portfolio. 

For everyday consumption 

For consumers, CBD isolate can be taken much like any other ingestible CBD product. Namely, sublingual, or under the tongue. Users can hold the CBD isolate under the tongue for upwards of 30 seconds, or until the product has fully dissolved. Other consumers have found success dissolving the isolate powder into their favorite food and drink to make their daily CBD consumption easier than ever before. 

CBD Isolate isn’t just reserved for ingestibles, it can also be used topically, and combined with one’s favorite personal care products, like a lotion or face oil, to reap the benefits of Viobin’s 99% pure CBD Isolate in a different way. No matter how you like to use CBD in your daily life, our Isolate may just be the perfect product for you. 

Formulating with CBD Isolate

Formulating with CBD Isolate opens the door to endless CBD-based products. Today, Viobin’s customers are formulating both topicals and ingestibles with our top-quality ingredients, often right in the comfort of their own homes. Whether it’s crafting the next great CBD coffee drink or a THC-free lotion, our Isolate is an amazing canvas for whatever you can dream up. 

Not sure where to begin? Viobin has a talented group of in-house formulators who would be happy to work with and consult with you on the next big thing in CBD. Moreover, our team’s extensive regulatory knowledge and experience can be an invaluable component to getting your products onto the market and your brand off the ground. What are you waiting for? 

Why is CBD Isolate so expensive? 

Because it is seen as more of a raw ingredient as opposed to a finished good, Viobin sells its CBD Isolate in quantities beginning at 1 kilogram. Selling in this quantity allows us to give our customers a truly great deal on their purchase, making it feasible to play around with CBD formulations without breaking the bank. 

While the average consumer is welcome to purchase this product, it really is designed for either at-home or laboratory-based formulators who are looking to take our high-quality 99% pure CBD Isolate and turn it into a great finished good of their own. For those looking to purchase quantities larger than 1 kilo, you can speak directly with a Viobin CBD sales representative or create your own Wholesale User Account today to get firsthand access to our amazing CBD deals. 

What makes Viobin’s CBD Isolate different?

As mentioned previously, Viobin’s commitment to safety and quality reigns supreme when it comes to our CBD business. While many so-called manufacturers are importing their CBD isolate from overseas, Viobin is producing its isolate right here in the United States using American-grown hemp from hard working farmers across the country. We believe that purity is more than just a buzzword, which is why our 99% pure CBD Isolate has the third-party COA to prove its purity and quality to every Viobin customer. 

Our CBD Isolate is a product that you, your team, and your customers can feel great about. As always, Viobin is working to shake up and change the CBD market by offering top-shelf CBD ingredients and finished goods at a fraction of our competitors’ prices.