REX Animal Products

REX Pure Wheat Germ Oil is loaded with natural nutrients like vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids to provide animals with benefits for skin, coat, and overall health. It also reduces shedding and dandruff, provides a glossy and lustrous coat, and supports healthy breeding and overall wellness.

REX wheat germ oil is 100% pure with no preservatives, extracted through a unique process that preserves more of the essential vitamins and nutrients of wheat germ as they are found in nature. Veterinarians and professional animal organizations have been using and recommending REX pure wheat germ oil over blends diluted with soy oil for health, vitality, performance, and breeding support for over 65 years.

“REX Wheat Germ Oil has helped settle our males uniformly. We feed it to our stallions, too. It is the least expensive and most valuable product in our breeding program.” – Souderton, PA

“ REX Wheat Germ Oil made the coats soft and sleek and healed eczema and raw skin spots which had plagued several of our cats.” – Stamford, CT

“All around performance improved—more alert and animated. Coat enormously improved, shiny, and healthy. Dry skin condition prior to REX eliminated. He has more endurance and is anxious to go on. I enthusiastically recommend REX Wheat Germ Oil.” – Elmira, NY

Original REX


REX oil is 100% pure Wheat Germ Oil extracted to preserve more of the crop’s essential vitamins and nutrients as they are found in nature.


REX oil

Try fortified REX oil for optimal animal wellness. Full of Vitamins A, D and E, you can rest easy knowing you’ve given your animals the best Mother Nature has to offer. 


REX oil

Treat your horse to CBD products formulated with America’s finest hemp. Our CBD pet tinctures are made with premium isolate and come in a variety of flavors your pets won’t be able to resist!  REX Daily Equine Supplement with Hemp Extract provides healthy skin and coat support.

Feeding Instructions

Horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs

1oz per 400lbs of body weight daily


Under 50 lbs, ½ tsp daily. 50-100 lbs 1 tsp daily. Over 100 lbs 2 tsps daily

Cats, ferrets, rabbits, and other small animals

1/2 tsp daily


1 drop mixed in food daily, or 2 drops mixed in food daily during molt.