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REX Emergency Skunk Odor Remover For Dogs, Cats, Home and Car


  • Dog or Cat Get Skunked? Destroy Skunk Odor Immediately! – Our deskunk odor destroyer is made to eliminate skunk scent at first contact. You can use our skunk spray for dogs, cats, people or upholstery. Our fast acting formula will get rid of odor fast!
  • Simple to Use! – Easily spray our formula onto your dog or cat and gently rub in. Once rubbed in, rinse off your pet and dry him/her off. Our cat and dog skunk remover’s application is also the same for upholstery. Simply perform the same steps on the affected area and you are good to go! The all-in-one way to remove skunk smell!
  • Don’t Mask the Odor, Get Rid of Skunk Smell Altogether! – Unlike other leading products, our skunk smell remover targets skunkessence at the source to destroy the chemicals that create the smell. Whether you use our skunk remover for dogs, cats, or furniture, the safe-to-use formula will get rid of odors on whatever surface the skunk got to!
  • Made Daily to Get the Job Done! – Getting rid of skunk musk is no easy task. That’s why our formula is made fresh on demand to ensure its effectiveness. Unlike other brands we don’t add extra chemical compounds to extend shelf life because that only reduces effectiveness. The shelf life is six months, one year if refrigerated. Our skunk odor neutralizer is made right because we understand when a skunk sprays, it’s an emergency!
  • Multipurpose for Your Odor Elimination Needs! – Our skunk odor remover also works great for a pesky dog smell. Once the skunksmell has been tended to, you can continue to use our product as a dog odor remover or cat odor remover spray. Simply use as instructed for an easy cat and dog odor removal process. Now that is getting more bang for your buck!


REX Skunk Odor Remover is perfect for deskunking your dog, cat, car or furniture. We understand when a skunk sprays it’s an emergency and you need relief right away. Our Emergency Skunk Spray is for exactly that! Produced daily at our plant in Colorado, our skunk smell remover doesn’t add any extra chemical compounds to increase shelf life as that only dilutes and reduces the effectiveness of other leading brands. Instead, our formula is made to get rid of skunk essence at the source.

Multipurpose Use for Everyday Needs!
Once the skunk smell has been tended to, you can also use our fast acting skunk deodorizer for dogs to get rid of dog odor. Remove dog smell quick with our simple step process of applying, rubbing in to the affected area and drying. It’s as easy as that to get rid of dog smell immediately! An odor spray for dogs and dog odor remover spray all-in-one!


Patented Energized Water with Chlorine Dioxide

Suggested Use

On pets / dogs: Recommended for pets under 35lbs. We suggest wearing rubber / nitrile gloves if available as you will be touching the area sprayed by the skunk. You can pre-wet the dog with water if desired, and then apply the deodorizing liquid liberally to the animal’s coat, focusing on the sprayed areas. Work the liquid into the coat with the fingers, creating a lather similar to shampoo. Allow the lather to dwell for a minute or two, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water until no more suds appear. Repeat the above steps if needed.

On fabrics: Suggest testing for colorfastness initially. If no bleaching occurs, thoroughly wet the fabric with the fluid and allow to dwell for a minute or two. Rinse with clean water. You can also use a wet/dry vacuum to remove excess fluids from carpets, etc. Alternatively, you can add the fluid directly into a washing machine at the rate of 16-32 oz. per wash, depending on the size of the machine.


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