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Broad Spectrum Starter Bundle


  • Features two of our most popular products
  • Third-party tested for quality and strength
  • Made from American-grown, CBD-rich hemp plants
  • Save 25% when buying as a bundle

Broad Spectrum Unflavored


Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels 25 mg

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Here, there and everywhere; from the grocery store checkout line to banner ads in your email: nobody can deny CBD is all around seemingly all the sudden. But where to start?

Viobin makes your decision easy with the Full Spectrum starter pack. Every one of our products is third-party tested so you know you’re getting what you pay for. All that’s left to do is decide whether you enjoy our immensely portable softgels, the stimulating scent of our specially formulated lotion or relax with our wildy popular tinctures. Once you’ve figured out which product is right for you, come on back to try variations of each from cooling lotions to strawberry guava tinctures.


Tincture: MCT oil, full-spectrum hemp extract

Softgels: MCT oil, gelatin (bovine), water, glycerin, hemp extract


Tincture: Shake well before each use. Take 1 serving (1 mL) orally. Hold drops under tongue for 20 seconds before swallowing. Individual results may vary.

Softgels: Take one softgel daily.


Batch NumberTitleBest By DatePDF
S0321-01Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels 25 mg9/24/22
T1220-06, T1220-09, T1220-10, T1220-18Broad Spectrum 3000mg Tinctures6/30/2022
T1220-08, T1220-05, T1220-07, T1220-19Broad Spectrum 1000mg Tinctures6/30/2022
T1220-02Full Spectrum 3000mg Tinctures6/30/2022
T1220-01, T1220-03, T1220-04, T1220-17 Broad Spectrum 1500mg Tinctures6/30/2022
T0420-35Full Spectrum 900mg Unflavored Tincture4/22/22
T0420-24Full Spectrum 900mg Orange Cream Tincture4/22/22
10420-23Full Spectrum 900mg Peppermint Tincture4/22/22
T0420-05Full Spectrum 1500mg Peppermint Tincture4/22/22
T0420-02Full Spectrum 1500mg Unflavored Tincture4/22/22
T0420-04Full Spectrum 1500mg Orange Cream Tincture4/22/22
T0420-03, T0420-05, T0420-04, T0420-02Full Spectrum 1500mg Tincture1/22/2022
T0420-22, T0420-23, T0420-24, T0420-35Full Spectrum 900mg Tincture1/22/2022
T0420-21, T0420-31, T0420-20, T0420-28 Full Spectrum 600mg Tincture1/22/2022
T0420-11, T0420-12, T0420-13, T0420-14 Full Spectrum 300mg Tincture1/22/2022
R0621-01Broad Spectrum 3000mg OTC Cooling Roll-On6/29/2022
R0621-02Full Spectrum 3000mg OTC Cooling Roll-On06/29/2022
S1020-01Full Spectrum ZEN Sleep Softgels 25 mg11/12/2021
T1220-02Full Spectrum 3000mg Peppermint Tincture12/20/2020
T1220-18Broad Spectrum 3000mg Unflavored Tincture12/18/2021
T1220-09Broad Spectrum 3000mg Orange Cream Tincture12/17/2021
L0321-05Full Spectrum 1500mg Unscented Lotion11/17/2021
L0321-02Full Spectrum 1500mg Scented Lotion11/17/2021
L0620-01Full Spectrum 1500mg Cooling Lotion11/17/2021
L0321-04Full Spectrum 900mg Unscented Lotion11/17/2021
L0321-03Full Spectrum 900mg Scented Lotion11/17/2021
L0321-01Full Spectrum 900mg Cooling Lotion11/17/2021
T1220-04Broad Spectrum 1500mg Guava Strawberry Tincture12/11/2021
T1220-03Broad Spectrum 1500mg Peppermint Tincture12/11/2021
T1220-17Broad Spectrum 1500mg Unflavored Tincture12/16/2021
T1220-19Broad Spectrum 1000mg Unflavored Tincture12/16/2021
T1220-07Broad Spectrum 1000mg Orange Cream Tincture12/17/2021
T1220-08Broad Spectrum 1000mg Guava Strawberry Tincture12/17/2021
T1220-10Broad Spectrum 3000mg Guava Strawberry Tincture12/17/2021
S0321-03Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 25 mg3/19/22
S1220-03Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 25 mg2/6/22
S0321-01Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels 25 mg3/15/22
T1220-06Broad Spectrum 3000mg Peppermint Tincture12/10/2021
T1220-01Broad Spectrum 1500mg Orange Cream Tincture12/11/2021
T1220-05Broad Spectrum 1000mg Peppermint Tincture12/10/2021
T0420-05Full Spectrum 1500mg Peppermint Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-04Full Spectrum 1500mg Orange Cream Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-03Full Spectrum 1500mg Guava Strawberry Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-02Full Spectrum 1500mg Unflavored Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-35Full Spectrum 900mg Unflavored Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-24Full Spectrum 900mg Orange Cream Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-23Full Spectrum 900mg Peppermint Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-22Full Spectrum 900mg Guava Strawberry Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-31Full Spectrum 600mg Peppermint Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-28Full Spectrum 600mg Unflavored Tincture10/22/2021
T0320-21Full Spectrum 600mg Guava Strawberry Tincture10/22/2021
T0320-20Full Spectrum 600mg Orange Cream Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-14Full Spectrum 300mg Unflavored Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-13Full Spectrum 300mg Peppermint Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-12Full Spectrum 300mg Orange Cream Tincture10/22/2021
T0420-11Full Spectrum 300mg Guava Strawberry Tincture10/22/2021


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